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Kind words from our beloved clients

  • Alli, Aberdeenshire
    I have used Feng Shui in the past and know how well it works so I wanted to ensure the energies were balanced in order to sell my property. The Consultation was very professional with great attention to detail in every room. Karen cleared some mega energy that left with the sound of smashing dishes. I could not locate any breakages after, so this was an interesting experience I suspect from the previous owner living in this property prior to me purchasing and extending. Karen’s report was very easy to understand and very detailed, all the recommendations involved no expense whatsoever and were implemented with the greatest of ease such as the removing of silk flowers and cracked or chipped ornaments etc. I have been very happy with the support and advice given during the 3 months post consultation. I now feel the house is very peaceful though there has been a lack of interest in viewers for buying the property, which is disappointing, but the time of year now is perhaps not the best. I have recommended Karen to friends and would certainly advise anyone having issues to contact her and have their homes treated to some Feng Shui tlc.
  • Jane, Aberdeen
    I decided to try Feng Shui as my life was at the lowest point ever for me. Although I have always had a happy home there was always drama, things going majorly wrong and I had bad luck with relationships. My aim was to turn that around. When I booked the Consultation I stereotypically expected a hippy! However, I found Karen to be extremely practical and professional, she has surprised me by her willingness to follow up years later often refusing to charge! My property appears to be affected by the close proximity of the AWPR (a major road build around Aberdeen) which has been regularly compromising the Feng Shui of my home). The Consultation itself was lovely, informative, helpful and the report was very easy to follow. Any bits that I struggled with Karen explained in great detail. I found the recommendations relatively easy and inexpensive to implement but I went the whole hog and redecorated as I needed to “wash away” my ex and wanted to change my entire house. I have implemented most of the recommendations but I still need help from the children to clear the loft. This will be done before I am 50 in July. I have said I am not celebrating if it has not been done! I am more than happy with the support and advice Karen has given me. As I have said, it is years later yet I am still receiving advice that I would be willing to pay for but Karen doesn’t always let me. Since the Consultation, I love my house for the first time. I am much calmer and ready for the future. Although I still have some issues with bad luck, we have been working on that and once the AWPR is finished Karen is optimistic that life will settle down for me. Additionally, in the intervening years I did meet someone whom I thought might have been right for me, but unfortunately I am now single again! I really believe in Celtic Chi and have recommended Karen to all my friends!
  • Helga, Aberdeenshire
    We had experienced bad luck since moving into our house 3.5 years ago which affected our relationship, finances and health. We heard that the previous family had a hard life here too and we didn’t want to end up like them. No matter how hard we tried to make our life better (in any field) we encountered obstacles everywhere, it felt like 1 step forwards – 2 steps back. At one point we felt that our relationship was over. We ended up in debt despite lots of hard work and saving the pennies. There were also conflicts in the neighbourhood that had a big effect on us. Everything felt like an uphill battle. We were falling apart and so was our life. We believe in Feng Shui and that negative energies have a bad effect on everybody’s life. Karen is a friend so I asked her to check our house. Karen paid a lot of attention to details, she spent more time in the house than I expected and answered all of my endless questions. We felt extremely calm in the house on that day, even our 3 year old seemed calmer. It was strange that the house felt so different straight away. Karen’s report was very clear and detailed and all of the recommendations were explained. All of the suggestions were relatively easy and inexpensive to implement. It has only been four months so we haven’t had the time or chance to implement all the suggestions yet, but our prosperity and relationship have improved, which is where we made most of the changes in the house. Slowly but surely we are getting out of our debt, money now seems to come into our home and life. We did a lot of decluttering, the house can breathe and so can my family and our life. There are no blockages, we feel the flow of the chi. There’s been an improvement in the communication between us which was the major problem in our relationship. There’s still work to be done in other areas, we are on it and I believe that those areas will improve too from our experience since Karen visited our home. I would definitely recommend Celtic Chi to my friends, in fact I have already done so!
  • Lisa, Alford
    On moving to our new home I was told by our neighbours that the previous three owners had either divorced or suffered from serious depression and addictions. I had used Karen’s services previously, so asked if she would space clear our new home and check the property for geopathic stress. Karen identified four lines of GS that ran through one of the bedrooms, which she removed using her earth acupuncture technique. I noticed that my daughter’s sleep has improved and the house feels ‘lifted’ since the space clearing took place. Karen offers a professional service and her space clearing has felt like a blessing for our home. Karen had several recommendations to make regarding the layout of rooms and symbols to improve our health and prosperity, all simple changes to make using items we already owned. This now feels like our family home. She also advised us on future building work to achieve the most balanced bagua for our home. I would certainly recommend Karen’s services and look forward to having her back in the future for a ‘Spring clean’ once we have completed building work. We also look forward to her annual updates that advise small changes to make in the home to support the year’s energy and receiving our 9 star ki profiles that act as a horoscope for each year, which have been accurate so far!
  • Sarah, Inverness
    I had Feng Shui because I wanted to make my house a happy, welcoming, peaceful place to be. The Consultation was thoroughly done, I personally felt like Karen picked up on issues and helped me with solutions without me putting it to her. Her report was easy to follow and all the recommendations were explained. Any recommendations were relatively easy and inexpensive to implement. Since the Consultation I feel happy and peaceful that my house feels like a welcoming place to be. Communication has without a doubt improved in the relationship that required it. I would absolutely recommend Celtic Chi to my friends.
  • Jen, Insch
    Karen came to our home at the end of March. For you to be able to appreciate just how my life has been enhanced I firstly need to describe to you how my life was beforehand. We had recently moved into a new home and life just hadn’t been quite right. My kidney condition was worsening, I was tired and sometimes going to my bed at 8pm, I found a lump in my back, my relationship with my husband felt strained and I was missing my daughter terribly. My daughter had moved to be with family in England and all communications had broken down. I hadn’t seen or spoken to my daughter for over a year and so with that I was on anti-depressants. On top of this I had a small baby daughter who I couldn’t connect to – I found looking after her a strain and certainly not a joy. I had been visiting a psychiatrist in Cornhill Hospital for about six months. That previous Boxing Day I walked out of my home on foot determined never to return and not knowing where I was going. The past year had been too much for me to handle and I couldn’t go on. Thankfully I must add that after a few hours I did return home but somewhat in a daze. Karen had known I was having a hard time but did not know to what extent. She offered to help but at that time I didn’t understand quite how someone could possibly help me. After a few weeks of hearing of Karen’s work I invited her to my home. I’ve always been open to the thought of Horoscopes, palm readings, symbols of good fortune or luck, spirits and guides etc.. but I had never come across Feng Shui other than heard the name. Karen explained everything in a way that was easy to understand. I didn’t know if it would help but I needed to find out. You might think or worry that you will be told to move everything around and change all your decoration but this isn’t the case. I have a large home and only my bed was in the wrong place. Well where do I start? My husband doesn’t wake up with headaches any more. He had wakened with a headache every day for over 15 years but now (unless self inflicted from the night before 😮 ) he wakes up with a clear head and so faces the day with enthusiasm. Our relationship is fresh and solid. My home is a safe haven for us all rather than a battle ground. We all feel very calm at home and in fact have found ourselves going out less and instead enjoying our cosy home. My Kidneys are still not functioning as they should but they are certainly not getting worse. The scar on my back where they removed the lump has shrunk to almost nothing. My daughter has come home!!! It just happened – she asked to come up for a visit and whilst she was here she asked if she could stay!! I still need to pinch myself at that one. There’s more……. my relationship with my youngest girl is fantastic and very special – we are catching up on the months when my mind seemed absent from being a mother. I no longer take antidepressants. I no longer visit a psychiatrist. I have since invited Karen to my business. It’s only been a week since she came but already the place feels as good as new. I’m looking forward to reaping the benefits here too!! Karen has so much to offer and can help you too!! I’ve even had a Feng Shui party to try to get the points across to my friends. An open mind is all you need.
  • Martin, Aberdeen
    I have been delighted by Karen and everything she has done through Celtic Chi. My home and business have received the full Feng Shui and space clearing treatments with excellent results, both in the short term feel of the buildings, which have improved significantly and also in the way things have moved on positively as a result. The effects really are amazing. I recently had my birth chart completed and it was unbelievably accurate going back in time, so I am sure it will be spot on for the future, showing me the good and bad years to help make important decisions. I have already recommended Karen to a few friends and would not hesitate to do so again.
  • Helen, Strathaven
    I can now see improvements in health which can be linked to the remote removal of Geopathic Stress in March. Our main concern was Eilidh’s continual tiredness, lethargy and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) . You pinpointed an area of Geopathic Stress over her bed which you removed in March, she does still get tired but not quite as often – she has only had one incidence of IBS since March and none since the space clearing. Healthwise the biggest single change has been in Joe – Heather’s 13 year old horse who has never been completely sound and regularly suffered from lack of condition – so much so that we had decided to sell him as a hacking horse. Since March he has improved beyond recognition, we kept saying “It’s like having a different horse” – he hasn’t once been lame, he has started showjumping and at his second outing won Reserve Champion at our local show. Perhaps Geopathic Stress affects horses more than has been realised. I would wholeheartedly recommend consulting you when a horse seems to be performing poorly with no known obvious cause. Thanks a lot
  • Wendy, Aberdeen
    Despite my initial scepticism, I have been delighted with the changes following Karen’s visit to our home. My son, husband and I have all seen improvements in various ways, in particular my son’s responses to the bagua on his bedroom – he is now more settled, happy to sit quietly drawing or playing and his relationships with his peers has changed for the better. I was astounded by the results and would encourage you to see for yourself what Karen’s skills can do. And …. I passed my bike test the day after she carried out a fire ceremony!
  • Pamela, Aberdeenshire
    I would have no hesitation in recommending the services of Celtic Chi. When Karen carried out a consultation in my home, she provided a very professional service and went about her business without any disruption to the household. Karen went through her findings, explaining the principles of Feng Shui in a way that was easy to understand. Before the visit we had provided Karen with details of our priority areas and discussed some specific issues. Karen made several recommendations after her survey which we implemented to positive effect. Making some minor changes to the layout in the living room, resulted in a flurry of financial gain and also improved communications with family elders. Rearranging bedroom furniture helped to improve sleeping patterns and reduce morning lethargy. Implementing Karen’s suggestion in an area relative to relationships/recognition brought about improved relationships at school and an influx of certificates of achievement. All in all the changes were really quite amazing.
  • Helen, Kemnay
    Karen McDonald has been my neighbour for seven and a half years. She approached me in August 2007 and explained Feng Shui and the benefit it brings to peoples lives. I had mistakenly thought Feng Shui was about shifting a few pieces of furniture and putting up a few wind chimes. It was interesting to find out how much more was involved. Karen knew my life was extremely unsettled and felt she could help. We discussed the areas that were of more concern than others e.g. my ill health and an unresolved marriage settlement amongst other things. I made her aware of the dismal history of the house before we moved here e.g. divorce and a bankrupcy. I was at a stage in my life where I was willing to try anything to improve my life for my children and myself. After having a look around my home she gently and politely pointed out areas where improvements could be made e.g. having a much needed de-clutter round the house. I was given other recommendations without feeling under any pressure. I am not a pessimist by nature but seeing is believing for me, like so many people. I did not have to wait long. When the first changes started, very quickly after Karen had been round doing a space clearing ceremony, I was amazed. Since then Karen has done other treatments. My home feels lighter and brighter. I feel happier and have more energy. Many of my concerns have now been resolved while others still outstanding have improved. Karen was always sympathetic to my problems, explained everything she planned to do and always took time to check for progresss afterwards. She takes great pride in her work and loves bringing happiness and comfort to people. I would definitely recommend her services.
  • Claire, Inverurie
    After giving a brief description to Karen about some of the “bad” feelings in the house and describing the almost permanent headaches, she said she suspected Geopathic Stress was responsible. When she came to the house with her dowsing rods, her suspicions were confirmed, she duly treated my house and laid the cures. That night, I had the worst headache but slept like a log and have not suffered them since. Thanks Karen!
  • Nicola, Westhill
    Karen from Celtic Chi carried out a consultation on our house in March 2008. I found her warm and friendly and was impressed by her attention to detail and the time she took to tailor the process for us. She explained the process well and was always happy to answer any questions we had. Karen was quiet and professional while she worked in the house and we hardly knew she was there. I found the experience most worthwhile and have already felt changes in the areas of my life I asked her to concentrate on. In fact I was pleasantly surprised how effective the consultation was, only a couple of days later I was delighted to hear from an old friend with whom I had lost contact. I would recommend Karen to anyone without hesitation and would certainly use her services again.
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