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'When you change your energy, you change your life'

Dr. Joe Dispenza

Karen has clients across the UK and internationally. She is happy to discuss travel arrangements or to offer online consultations.

Online Consultation

Whilst home visits are always preferable when doing a consultation, it may be that the Client location makes travel expenses excessive. In which case Karen can undertake an on-line consultation which would give a comparable outcome to a home visit. The main difference is the EMF / Microwave survey around the beds is not included.

Overseas Consultation

As some of Karen’s clients have moved abroad there has been a demand for overseas consultations. These are undertaken in the same manner as an on-line consultation, again the EMF / Microwave survey around the beds is not included.

Annual Reviews


Karen likes to build a relationship with all her Clients and as such now offers an annual review to ensure that the recommendations that were suggested have had the desired outcome. This is an ideal time to discuss whether the Client’s priorities have changed, in which case further recommendations can be made. The annual review can be undertaken as a home visit or on-line review.

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