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'The space in which we live should be for the person we are becoming now, not for the person we were in the past'

Marie Kondo

9 Star Ki Profiles are a powerful tool to better understand ourselves and how we interact with others and with the world.

9 Star Ki Profile

9 Star Ki is one of the oldest forms of astrology in the world and is particularly useful alongside spatial Feng Shui as the 9 energies are the same as those used in the bagua.  You can use 9 Star Ki to:

  1. Understand your personality

  2. Understand the character and behaviour of others

  3. Assess compatibility with others

  4. Improve your relationships

  5. Analyse career suitability

  6. Discover the best timing to do just about anything

  7. Avoid travelling or moving in unfavourable directions.

Taking your date of birth a three number Ki is calculated.


The first number provides insight into your true inner (adult) nature.  It tells you who you are on a deeper, spiritual level and is based on the nine year cycle.  This nature doesn't emerge until you've been through two cycles of 9 years (at 18) and become an independent person.  Some people can go their whole life and not tap into their true nature, keeping it deep inside and living by their 2nd or 3rd numbers.


The second or character number provides insight into your emotional (child) nature.  It tells you about your emotions and the way you communicate (hence the most important in close personal relationships) and your dependent nature.  It is based on the 9 month cycle. This 2nd number is likely to dominate in children.  Most adults live by their 1st adult nature, with their 2nd emotional / child nature surfacing when they are emotional or under stress (they can also react to stress from their 3rd outer nature number).  The 2nd number is more affected by time.


Your third or energetic number provides insight into your outer (expressive) nature.  It tells you about how you do things and how you appear to others.  It is not a true reflection of who you are. but is the nature people first see in you - first impressions.  Many close personal relationships fail because the initial attraction is based on the 3rd outer nature and not the 1st or 2nd, with the true nature not emerging in the relationship for a number of years. Colleagues at work will likely base their assessment of you on your 3rd outer nature, although they may get to know your 2nd emotional nature in due course.

A 9 Star Ki Profile is provided as part of a Full Consultation or can be purchased independently either for yourself or as a gift for a loved one.  Indeed they make ideal baby gifts!

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