Welcome to Celtic Chi a Feng Shui Consultation Company!

What is Feng Shui?  Well it is the practice of analysing and influencing the interaction between people, buildings and the environment in order to enhance quality of life.  The underlying principle of Feng Shui is that the home is an accurate reflection of our lives and therefore we can make changes in our homes to achieve desired outcomes in our lives.

Effective Feng Shui often involves removing things, for example:

Geopathic Stress, Energy from previous occupants, Electromagnetic Fields, Clutter and Inappropriate Symbolism.

Only once this has been done would we consider what, if any enhancements would benefit you in achieving your goals.  These will usually be simple, practical, inexpensive and easy to implement.  I think everyone has at least one area of their life that they would like to see improve, whether it be their career, relationship, financial situation or their health and well-being.  Let Celtic Chi help you to achieve those improvements for yourself.

A full Consultation would usually consist of: Detection and Treatment of Geopathic Stress, an Electro Magnetic Field Survey, Space Clearing, an internal and external assessment of the home.

A Healthy Home Consultation would include: Detection and Treatment of Geopathic Stress, an Electro Magnetic Field Survey and Space Clearing.

Clients can choose either of these packages or can customise the service by picking only the elements they would like.

About Myself

My name is Karen McDonald and after graduating from Aberdeen University in 1989 I started working for an Oil Company whilst studying for the Personnel Diploma at nightclasses.  Once I completed the Personnel Diploma I pursued a career in that field until I became Human Resources Manager for Scotia Helicopter Company in 2000.  After having children I took a short term career break to look after them and during this time I reviewed what I wanted to achieve in life.  I had been interested in Feng Shui for 10 years and after achieving results for myself I realised I wanted to offer these benefits to others.  To maximise my skills and expertise I studied with the Feng Shui Academy (the learning was a mixture of distance and residential) and I have now graduated as an Advanced Feng Shui Practitioner.  Through the Academy I achieved certificates for the Practitioner Course, the Advanced Practitioner Course as well as a Diploma in Space Clearing.  I am fully trained and my training is accredited by the Feng Shui Society the national society for Feng Shui.  I am qualified to offer Feng Shui advice to Corporate as well as personal clients and have experience in both these sectors.  

Contact Details

E-mail: karen@celticchi.co.uk

Tel: 01467 642965